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Mobile Data Server

Mobile phones have become business tools that are almost as important as pc’s. But where most companies succeed in standardizing their desktop environment, the diversity of mobile devices within organizations is usually much larger. This diversity makes it difficult to give mobile employees access to email and other business applications via their handheld devices. Fenestrae […] more

UDOCX – Cloud solution for multi-function peripherals

UDOCX (Unified DOCument eXchange) brings new and enhanced features to existing MFP devices that were not possible before, i.e. scan-to-email, scan-to-fax, scan-to-SharePoint and online printing. Through the combination of Office 365 and UDOCX, users can work more efficiently, save costs on licenses and contribute to environmental protection. The strength of UDOCX comes from its simplicity […] more

Fax over IP

Send faxes using fax over IP and take advantage of cost savings, easier and streamlined processes and promoting a green environment. Voice over IP has proven that it’s possible to take a traditionally analog signal, package it and chop it up to be transported over a digital IP network. It cuts the phone bills, it […] more

Fenestrae Communication Server

Fenestrae Communication Server is a fax server software and Unified Communications solution that allows you to send and receive fax, sms and mms messages from virtually any business application or multifunctional printer. Employees become more productive because they can send fax and sms messages directly from their desktop and integrate faxing more easily into existing […] more

Fenestrae Faxination Server

Fenestrae Faxination Server has a history that goes back more than 20 years, when it was the first fax server to have been specifically designed for Microsoft Exchange. It is still the most robust fax server solution for Microsoft Exchange available in the market today. Fenestrae Faxination Server is the world’s best known fax server […] more