Fenestrae Communication Server

Fenestrae Communication Server is a fax server software and Unified Communications solution that allows you to send and receive fax, sms and mms messages from virtually any business application or multifunctional printer.

Employees become more productive because they can send fax and sms messages directly from their desktop and integrate faxing more easily into existing workflows.

Companies save on the number of fax lines and fax appliances needed. Communications become more secure because no paper is needed, and more compliant because authorizations can be set and archiving is automatic.

Key Features:
• Certified for Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010
• Certified for Windows 2003, 2008 Standard, Entreprise Editions & SR2
• Microsoft Windows Hyper-V-certified and VMware certified
• Use existing Voice-over-IP infrastructure
• Zero client software
• Integrates with Windows AD
• Out-of-the-box support for any MFP
• Extended OCR module
• Support for MOM/SCOM
• Send SMS from Outlook, OCS or any other client

Key Benefits:
• Electronic faxing is as convenient and secure as emailing
• High scalability, High flexibility
• Virtualization and consolidation of the IT infrastructure
• Leverage Fax-over-IP (FoIP)
• Reduce power usage and footprint
• Reduce maintenance
• Reduce fax lines
• Increased productivity and efficiency
• Easy monitoring
• Add the missing piece to your Unified Communications

Fenestrae Communication Server 2010 Whitepaper
Faxing video