Mobile Data Server

Mobile phones have become business tools that are almost as important as pc’s. But where most companies succeed in standardizing their desktop environment, the diversity of mobile devices within organizations is usually much larger. This diversity makes it difficult to give mobile employees access to email and other business applications via their handheld devices.

Fenestrae Mobile Data Server addresses this issue. The product wirelessly connects the widest range of cell phones with Microsoft Exchange. It is built on open industry standards including SyncML, HTTP, WAP and SMS. Fenestrae Mobile Office supports the majority of smart phones and feature phones in use today.

Features and Benefits
• Support for most devices in use today and tomorrow
• Support for built-in device capabilities: no client software needs to be installed or managed
• Over-the-Air provisioning of device and connection settings for zero-touch deployment
• Support for all networks and all operators
• Built on open standards
• End to end security
• Built for broad deployment and lowest total cost of ownership