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Auto limit EV charge to 80%

Because we both work from home, usage of our electric car is very irregular. On some days we use the car for several short trips, while at other times the car is not used several days in a row. No predictable daily commute along the very same route for us. Because of this usage pattern, […] more

UDOCX – Cloud solution for multi-function peripherals

UDOCX (Unified DOCument eXchange) brings new and enhanced features to existing MFP devices that were not possible before, i.e. scan-to-email, scan-to-fax, scan-to-SharePoint and online printing. Through the combination of Office 365 and UDOCX, users can work more efficiently, save costs on licenses and contribute to environmental protection. The strength of UDOCX comes from its simplicity […] more

Fax over IP

Send faxes using fax over IP and take advantage of cost savings, easier and streamlined processes and promoting a green environment. Voice over IP has proven that it’s possible to take a traditionally analog signal, package it and chop it up to be transported over a digital IP network. It cuts the phone bills, it […] more