Fax over IP

Send faxes using fax over IP and take advantage of cost savings, easier and streamlined processes and promoting a green environment.
Voice over IP has proven that it’s possible to take a traditionally analog signal, package it and chop it up to be transported over a digital IP network. It cuts the phone bills, it allows companies to maximize their return on network investments and it enables all sorts of neat applications, like voicemail/email integration.

If it works for voice, why wouldn’t it work for fax?
It does, thanks to a protocol called T.38, better known as Fax over IP (FoIP). FoIP delivers similar advantages as VoIP. Fenestrae Faxination Server and Fenestrae Communications Server both offer a Fax over IP Transport Service that allows you to profit from the following:

Lower hardware and maintenance costs

Although a number of fax boards support FoIP, it’s possible to eliminate the use of fax hardware altogether by using a software-only fax server that connects directly to your IP-enabled PBX. Less hardware means less installation, training, maintenance, and lower costs.

Virtualization benefits

By using a software-only fax solution based on Fax over IP, it is possible to run your fax servers in a virtual environment, with all the ususal benefits: more efficient CPU (Central Processing Unit) usage, less power consumption, lower hardware costs, lower space requirements, etcetera.

Work greener

Using a desktop fax solution in combination with IP faxing allows you to use fewer fax machines or eliminate them entirely, resulting in less toner, paper, and power consumption while lowering your carbon footprint and your operational costs.

Lower phone bills

By using your company’s IP network instead of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for all or part of the fax’s route, you can avoid long distance or international transmission charges and lower your telephony bills. In addition, using one or more centralized fax servers may reduce the number of fax lines you need.

Unified Communications

Using your existing IP infrastructure to send and receive faxes allows for easier integration with business applications, email and messaging applications. Employee efficiency will increase by routing incoming fax messages intelligently to any desktop, business application or workflow.