UDOCX – Cloud solution for multi-function peripherals

UDOCX (Unified DOCument eXchange) brings new and enhanced features to existing MFP devices that were not possible before, i.e. scan-to-email, scan-to-fax, scan-to-SharePoint and online printing. Through the combination of Office 365 and UDOCX, users can work more efficiently, save costs on licenses and contribute to environmental protection.

The strength of UDOCX comes from its simplicity of usage. Users can easily accomplish common workflow tasks in UDOCX from the MFP just as they would from their desktop. Users log in via the browser of the MFP using their standard Windows credentials resulting in fast and secure authentication with no administrator intervention required.

UDOCX not only stores information but sends it securely and helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance. The system offers users direct access to their personal contacts so that messages are always addressed correctly. Email and fax messages that are sent to multiple addresses by UDOCX are processed and confirmations are sent to the user’s inbox. Everything that the user does is monitored and recorded by a central logging system for security and accountability.

The uniqueness of UDOCX is that there is no need for separate software or hardware, no maintenance, and no additional administrative workload.

UDOCX scan on YouTube
UDOCX print email on YouTube